Monarki Stockholm Studio

Based in Stockholm since 2008, our goal is to empower the full potential of visual storytelling.


Our centrally located studio also works as our creative lab and allows us to develop stunning concepts for our clients. Whether it’s taste, products, brand identity or values that you wish to communicate, we will come up with a way for you to reach your viewers.




"-Absolutely fantastic!  A quality, solutions orientated approach to service with a smile. Monarki are a true pleasure to work with and the quality of their work is matched only by their dedication and commitment to provide the best possible results."


Tom Astin

PR, Social & Earned Media Manager, Electrolux






Fingerstopper is a unique, new format with the sole focus to design the first seconds of interaction with an audience.


Our high-end technical solutions, front edge workflows and in-house designstudio allows you to cut through the noise with any message.


Striving to further increase the visual impact of our product, this micro formate is custom made to guarantee immediate attention.

Marcus Frendberg


Marcus Frendberg comes from a backround in editorial TV produktion and has been working as host, lineproducer, format developer and editor for 15 years.


The idea to start Monarki Stockholm was born when he realised that the combination of strong content and technical expertice was rare.

A streamlined workflow for web aimed filmproduction  was needed.


Marcus is passionate about telling stories and using the fast changing tech to optimize the visual impact of communication.






Jojo Borg Larsson


Jojo is a highly educated artist and designer with a broad competence that includes innovation, concept building, foodstyling, styling, animation and illustration.


-The development in filmmaking, and especially when it comes to digital medias has provided me whith a borderless working invirement where nothing is impossible.

The most satisfying part of my work is to combine feeling with facts and create a resault that highlights the essence of every unique idea.








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